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Kubernetes: The Good Parts – Introducing Google Cloud Platform and GKE

Continuing with the theme from our last post, we’ll continue to learn about Kubernetes, not by worrying about the moving parts that are required to make a cluster, but instead by using a managed service provided by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) called Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). As with the main cloud providers (Azure, AWS and … Continue reading Kubernetes: The Good Parts – Introducing Google Cloud Platform and GKE

Importance of information management in agile

Do you keep an up-to-date record of the current context of your product? And the needs being met by your product?

Why React Is a Game Changer For UI

Key takeaways from React’s approach to user interfaces and how it might impact user interface development at large

Creating shared knowledge of Web APIs within Made Tech

How do you create a shared understanding of specific technologies across a company? In this post we discuss validating the need for shared knowledge and deciding on the best way to facilitate sharing across a company.

Should we be treating software delivery mistakes like plane crashes?

In software development, things occasionally don’t go the way you expected them to. As a team, there are two ways to manage this problem: you can treat them like car crashes, or you can treat them like plane crashes. Both can work, but it’s a choice you should make with your eyes open.

Academy Week One: Mind Blown

It’s the end of our first week in the latest Made Tech Academy cohort. My mind has been truly blown.

Developers joining user research: an interview

An interview with Elena, a software engineer at Made Tech who loves to join in with user research.

Investing in digital skills for the future

Many organisations have fallen behind in the digital race. They’ve been unable to keep up with the pace of change and therefore need to buy a digital transformation to catch up. Couldn’t this whole transformation business have been avoided?

What does good technology look like?

Just as digital service teams are measuring the performance of their products, it’s important also for technology departments and development teams to decide on what good technology looks like so that we can ensure the choices and practices we’re implementing are having a positive outcome for our users.

Kubernetes: The Good Parts – Should you build your own or use a managed service?

Now that we know what Kubernetes is, let’s see what options we have to create our own Kubernetes cluster.