What we talk about when we talk about user-centred design

If you’re interested in how we go about user-centered design at Made Tech, then our blog, Designed and Made, should definitely be on your radar. Each week, a design community member takes a turn to write a post that falls somewhere under the vast umbrella of all the things we talk about when we talk about design. Here are a few recent highlights.

What does good technology look like?

Just as digital service teams are measuring the performance of their products, it’s important also for technology departments and development teams to decide on what good technology looks like so that we can ensure the choices and practices we’re implementing are having a positive outcome for our users.

3 Ways to Improve Your Microsoft Dynamics NAV User Experience

We’ve worked with a number of organisations who make use of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV suite as their Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP). As is common with similar off the shelf tools such as SAP and FinancialForce for Salesforce, it can be hard to provide a productive and enjoyable user experience, often requiring a number of unituitive steps on several screens to perform basic tasks such as logging a sick day.

Design Patterns: Strategy

Design patterns are solutions to software design problems that are presented in an almost conceptual way. That is to say, a given design pattern has the potential to be applied to a piece of software written in any number of languages but, at a code level, it’s up to the developer to interpret that idea and make it work for them.