Public sector procurement frameworks

We’re a leading digital service provider via a number of Crown Commercial Services frameworks and government procurement portals across the UK.

G-Cloud 13

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We’re a member of the G-Cloud 13 framework, on Lot 3 and Lot 4, which are used by public sector organisations to purchase cloud services.

Digital Outcomes 6 (DOS 6)

We also supply services via the Digital Outcomes framework, which is used for outcome-based digital projects.

Services 3

We supply services via the Technology Services 3 (TS3) framework, covering the end-to-end lifecycle of bespoke digital services and platforms. Made Tech has been accepted onto 3 lots:

  • Lot 1 – Technology Strategy and Services Design
  • Lot 2 – Transition and Transformation
  • Lot 3d – Operational Services – Application and Data Management

Quality Assurance and Testing (QAT) for IT Systems 2

We supply services via QAT 2, which covers quality assurance testing for all UK central government departments and other public sector organisations.

Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS)

We’re a pre-qualified supplier on the DPS, an electronic system used by Scottish public sector organisations to purchase services.


We’re also an approved supplier on Sell2Wales, the procurement portal used by the Welsh Government to purchase services from SMEs.

Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE)

We’re part of the Vivace community, providing expertise and capabilities to the Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE) which is a Home Office unit within the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT).

Digital Specialists and Programmes

We’ve been accepted onto Lot 1 – Programmes, providing a full range of DDaT skills for digital transformation and supporting public sector bodies in meeting their strategic objectives through one or more digital projects.

RM6195 Big Data & Analytics

We supply services through Lot 1 to design, build and run big data and analytics services across these capabilities:

  • advanced analytics and cognitive
  • data management and acquisition
  • data risking
  • platform services
  • reporting and dashboards
  • search and discovery services

RM6259 Vertical Application Solutions

RM6259 gives access to software-focused solutions to meet specific needs. We supply services through Lot 3 and our SaaS Housing Products can be procured through this framework.

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Delivering GovWifi for the Government Digital Service


We turned a beta product into a secure and scalable solution that supports 200,000 active weekly users.

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Rapid Digital Service Delivery at Ministry of Justice


In just six weeks, we delivered a No10 priority that helps grieving families.