AWS Well-Architected: building digital services fit for the future

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Across the public sector we’re beginning to see organisations eagerly adopt the opportunities modern technology provides by building and nurturing secure, high-performing and resilient services that put the needs of end users front and centre. 

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Bridging the gap between ITSM and agile

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Using a swarmed ITSM approach, services can be supported by smaller teams of specialists that embed Agile ways of working without compromising on quality.

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Optimising learning in high-performing teams

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It’s no secret that building and empowering high-performing teams helps produce excellent results. It sounds simple enough, but how do you truly build this type of dream team? It all hinges on learning. 

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Making the UK a global leader in online government services

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The pandemic forced organisations and individuals to adapt to new ways of doing things and triggered a sea change in the use of online digital services. That need for online services is continuing to rise, and is doing so much faster than predicted. This is also true across the public sector.

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How AWS Government Competency will help us deliver more value for public sector organisations

Avatar for Jonathan Griffin

Made Tech recently became an accredited AWS Government Competency Partner. We’re now one of a handful of accredited partners in the UK specialising in the public sector. Here’s a closer look at our journey, and how the accreditation will help us deliver more value for the public sector.

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Why saying no can be a good thing

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As delivery managers, one of our priorities is managing expectations. And so it’s imperative that we get comfortable with saying no sometimes.

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ADHD and me: stories from Made Tech

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Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that affects people’s behaviour. Those with it can seem restless, have trouble concentrating and often act on impulse.

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Local Gov as a product, platform and service

Avatar for Glen Ocskó

There’s a real challenge for those working in local government trying to make services consistently better for citizens. Many authorities need to grasp the opportunity tech gives us. As it stands, there’s too much reliance on monolithic products and the big suppliers doing very limited innovation.

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Why software engineers make really good gardeners

Avatar for Reuben Hillyer

As a lead engineer, I’m on the lookout for techniques that build our confidence in the software, for adjustments that we could make to our test strategy and culture. This is why, one Tuesday evening earlier this year, you would have found me watching a talk by an ex-colleague which was enticingly titled TDD and other drugs.

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The case for open source in the public sector

Avatar for Hazel Jones

Digital transformation has been a real focus for government over the last decade. If we look back at the Covid-19 pandemic and the speed at which life-saving digital services were set up, we see how we can rapidly mobilise and transform public services when we must.

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