Digi­tal Serv­ice Delivery

We support you at every point in the delivery lifecycle, right from defining the problem right through to the live services that solve them.

How we can help

Discovery and alpha: exploring the problem

In the discovery stage, we work with you to explore the problems you face. Then we look at the approaches needed to help you solve them and help you prioritise where to start.

Our aim is to help you:

  • Clarify the problem you’re solving
  • Find the users who need your product or service
  • Understand what drives their behaviour

In the alpha stage, we build prototypes and test solutions to the problems we learned about during discovery.

How we work

Kick-off workshops

Understand user challenges and needs

Feedback sessions

Create a visual map of how the current service works

Understand your current data and technical setup

Co-design workshops

Recommend ways to improve

Test ideas for feasibility

Business case

Beta and live service: building your solution

Once we’ve worked with you to define the problem you need to solve and tested different solutions out, we can support you in the next phase of your delivery: beta MVP and live service.

This stage is all about delivery. In the beta phase, we build the minimum live service based on a reduced feature set or reduced audience. We use this method to reduce your risk and produce a service that is fit for purpose.

Once the service is live, we’ll continue to learn and adapt the service to meet changing user needs.

Lightweight Discovery & Alpha

Beta MVP

Beta MVP & Live Service


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“Made Tech are one of the top two delivery teams in GDS. GovWifi is one of our crown jewels. It’s fantastic.”

Black and white photo of David Lewis

David Lewis, Delivery Director at GDS

Case studies

Delivering GovWifi for the Government Digital Service

We turned a beta product into a secure and scalable solution that supports 200,000 active weekly users.

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Photo showing Govwifi on tablet and phone

Rapid digital service delivery at Ministry of Justice

In just six weeks, we delivered a No10 priority that helps grieving families.

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Accelerating Discovery in Public Sector Digital Service Delivery

In this short guide, we explain why accelerated discovery is critical to improving digital service delivery in your organisation.

accelerated discovery in public sector digital service delivery cover

From the blog

GOV.UK PaaS – an update…

We’ve been exploring options for our clients who currently host services on PaaS and thinking about what this means for the wider community.

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Creating a text-based SMS service to make mental health services for children and young people more accessible

In early 2021, we began an 8-month journey to create a digital mental health support finder tool for children and young people in Gloucestershire.

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Make meaningful progress with remote design sprints

This workshop will explore what design sprints are and how they work remotely, using practical and interactive examples.

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Digital Health Rewired

Join us at the Digital Health Rewired 2023 event in London where we’ll be talking about all things digital in health.

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We’d love to talk to you about how we can help your organisation use digital technology to achieve your goals. To help you get started, we’re happy to provide a first discovery session free of charge to get Made Tech expertise on the ground, in your organisation.

Our offer includes:

  • An in-person consultation with a data expert to answer your questions
  • An initial, high-level data health check
  • A short action plan with recommended next steps

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