Best practice: how to build digital services that deliver for citizens and the business case

About this event

We all know how important it is to create digital products and services that deliver value. Firstly, for citizens. Secondly – and this a hard one – value against the business case that was used to get project approval. 

In this talk I’ll share real examples from services I’ve delivered across Government teams to help you: 

  • discover how to develop compelling value propositions 
  • understand how to validate a product or service against real user needs 
  • make sure product development always remains user-centred and outcome-focused 
  • ensure that teams demonstrate the benefits and value against the original business case 

Along the way I’ll demonstrate what ice creams, houses and cars have to do with delivering outcomes and why sometimes stopping development can be the most valuable decision you can make. 

You’ll come away with a view on how to make a positive impact through technology, for both citizens and ensuring budget is spent on projects that deliver what they say they will!

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Laura Burnett

Delivery Director, Central & Devolved Industry, Made Tech

Laura Burnett is Made Tech’s Delivery Director, Central & Devolved Industry and a people-focused product specialist with a wealth of experience in building high-quality products, managing global teams and driving positive organisational changes. Laura has a true passion and drive for delivering the highest level of value to Public Sector Delivery by inspiring high-performing teams and guiding them to overcome complex challenges all whilst being the best version of themselves.