Automatically prioritise your work to reduce your backlog, relet times and lost income.

How Voids can help

  • Streamline your voids workload
    Automate your planning and prioritisation and tackle your voids backlog in the most efficient order.
  • Let automation do the heavy lifting
    Manually assessing and prioritising voids will be a thing of the past. Intelligent prioritisation runs automatically and quickly, giving you results with no manual work.
  • Create a single source of truth
    Dispersed spreadsheets and systems create a headache, with a single system your Voids officers can refer to one database.
  • Decrease relet times
    With our voids prioritisation system you’ll decrease relet times by an average of 21% and house people faster.
  • Prioritise the properties that matter
    Our model will ensure that the properties that best meet your outstanding demand are done first.
  • House residents faster
    Get people into social housing faster than ever before to meet the growing demand and reduce temporary accommodation usage.
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See how easy it could be for you to prioritise your voids using your pre-existing spreadsheet data.

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Why choose our product?

  • No technology stress
    We provide free comprehensive technical support from roll-out and beyond.
  • Understand costs at a glance
    There are no complicated budgets or fee schedules. Plan your rollouts with simple, transparent costs.
  • Get improvements for free
    Don’t worry about costly upgrades and improvements – you’ll get every update on day 1, at no extra cost.
  • Save time and money
    SaaS products are the perfect choice for organisations facing increasing demands and falling budgets.

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The Future of Voids Management

Join our panel of senior leaders in the housing management space for their perspective on the challenges of voids for councils and housing associations, the impact on residents and how innovation will affect the future of voids management.

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