Making the UK a global leader in online government services

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The pandemic forced organisations and individuals to adapt to new ways of doing things and triggered a sea change in the use of online digital services. That need for online services is continuing to rise, and is doing so much faster than predicted. This is also true across the public sector.

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There’s no substitute for experience: lessons from central government software delivery

Avatar for Vincent Farah

I joined Made Tech in a lead developer role on a central government account. The client and everyone involved are fantastic. It’s been challenging but hugely rewarding work, so I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learned.

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Choosing the right supplier post IR35 reform

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With the latest reforms to IR35 having come into effect on April 6th, public sector bodies (PSBs) are facing the mounting challenge of keeping teams filled. This, coupled with the Civil Service-wide recruitment freeze introduced in 2010, is a particular problem for PSBs tasked with delivering digital projects, where software engineering teams were once largely made up of contractors who now have an incentive to look elsewhere for work. The reforms are here to stay, so what options do PSBs have in terms of continuing to deliver good digital products?

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Why I joined Made Tech as a Delivery Principal

Avatar for Rob Ashworth

I love being a freelancer. With freelancing, you deliver then move on. Often, you don’t have enough time to develop strong and effective relationships. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time freelancing – and got to work for some great people and teams. But it was time for a change.

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The UK government is better than industry in IT delivery

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Back in 2011, in the wake of the car crash that was the NHS records system, an interesting thing happened in the UK Government’s IT program.

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