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Announcing an all-in-one DDaT Capability Framework roll-out package

The need for digital, data and technology (DDaT) skills in government grows relentlessly. To build these skills effectively, you need to know exactly what skills you already have, and it’s this problem that DDaT assessments are designed to solve. But that doesn’t make them easy to implement – especially without a big impact on your already-pressing business as usual.

It’s because we’re so aware of the growing demand for these assessments that we’ve put together an all-in-one package to support your organisation through a DDAT assessment with minimum disruption to your organisation.

Benefits of a DDAT assessment

The Digital, Data and Technology Profession Capability Framework assessment explores the different job roles in the DDaT space. By running a DDaT assessment in your organisation, you can give your teams the opportunity to evaluate their skills and capabilities. 

Giving people the option to review their roles and responsibilities allows you to coach, mentor and upskill your people while growing the digital skills to build government fit for the 21st century. And by identifying, recognising and valuing the skills you already have in place, you’re better placed to retain people with with essential DDaT knowledge and skills.  

Using the DDaT framework, teams can learn more about what different digital roles do in government, understand the need for specific skills and plan pathways in their specialist field their career progression. Assessing your organisation against this framework can also help to review individual skills in preparation for performance reviews, create effective job adverts and carry out human resources and workforce planning. 

It’s no secret that teams across all areas of the public sector are stretched, with complex workloads and limited resources. And, not to toot our trumpets too hard, but we know a bit about digital, data and technology in the public sector – it’s what we do all day.  So we’re keen to help public sector organisations through their DDaT assessments, saving your team time and effort so they can focus on helping citizens. 

The complete DDaT package

We can support you through 6 core areas of your DDaT assessment:

  1. Independent evaluation of your self-assessment including a detailed report 
  2. Delivery management of your DDaT project
  3. Upskilling, mentoring and bringing together Communities of Practice through the introduction of Heads of Community
  4. Business analysis, including cost analysis and identification of individuals who align to the DDaT roles
  5. Business case support
  6. Communications and engagement support

We’re particularly pleased to offer communications and engagement guidance, which includes workshops for line managers and those staff invited to take self assessments to help you develop your DDAT strategy and communications plan to set up everyone in your organisation for success.

Supporting a central government department through their first phase DDaT assessment

We supported a large central government department through the first phases of their DDaT assessments. We ran an end-to-end package in the heart of the department, making sure their teams felt valued while also attracting new specialisms into the organisation. 

Focusing on the organisation’s specific needs, we were able to collaborate with them on their communication and engagement strategies, business analysis and workshops to brief line managers and those colleagues identified as sitting in Group 1 roles within the DDaT framework. 

By transferring our sector knowledge, we’ve coached the team and purposefully developed a programme they can confidently run without further input from us.

The option for the DDaT self-evaluation has meant staff can actively assess and improve their skills, working toward their career progression while encouraging cross-government digital capability and transformation. 

After work began, we were delighted to be kept on for another 12 months, supporting the organisation through the next phases of the programme. 

If you want to find out more about our complete package for DDaT assessments or have a chat about how we can help you, please get in touch below.

All-in-one, but tailored to your org

The beauty of this approach is that it’s cost-effective, thanks to the reusable assets we’ve developed, yet has the scope to tailor to your organisation’s needs with Made Tech experts available to support at every stage. If you’d like to talk more about next steps, please get in touch. 

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