The foundations of data-driven government

Before starting data projects, it’s important for public sector teams to make sure they have the right technical, operational and cultural foundations. In this post I’d like to share what these foundations are, why they matter and how to get them right. If you work in and around data, you probably know a lot of this. But if you work in the public sector digital space and you’re hoping to make better use of your data, this is hopefully of some use!

How to talk about agile to non-digital decision makers

Many digital teams have adopted agile working. But it can be difficult to convince the rest of the organisation who may have little experience with it. And this is especially true of decision-makers who may, for any number of reasons, be mistrustful of agile working. This post is how to talk about agile to those people.

3 stories about getting into Business Analysis

There are many branches of mathematics and very early on I took a particular interest in analysis. I suppose my reason for this stems from my personal drive to understand why, and doing whatever I can to get that explanation. This is incredibly important within business analysis as recognising the underlying purpose, cause and belief, can really help in revealing the true requirements and aid in design. 

How to build a stress-free Slack experience for your whole team

April marks National Stress Awareness Month, a time to increase public awareness about the causes of stress and promote ways to help people manage it. Workplace communication can be a source of stress. For many workers in the public sector, Slack is an essential communication tool, as remote working has become a dominant feature of our working lives.