Delivery to client principal: from imposter syndrome to new-found confidence

Working as a delivery manager at Made Tech, I’d never felt so content in a role. I was responsible for making sure we delivered in the open, communicating well, delivering value for money – and I loved it! As I started to explore my career progression opportunities after a year or so, I was presented with the option to move into the role of client principal. I was flattered to be considered, but it was also a step into the unknown…

3 principles for high-performing teams

Building a high-performance agile team sounds simple. But when you wade into the detail, getting teams working together to ramp up delivery while maintaining high levels of service can seem a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be. In this post I’d like to share 3 simple principles that we’ve used to help put together teams that deliver at speed.

Measuring the carbon footprint of your Python applications

With environmental targets an ever-growing concern, building applications that are as efficient as possible is more important than ever. Data is the key to understanding the environmental impact your applications have. With this in mind, how do you begin to measure the carbon footprint of your software?

What we talk about when we talk about user-centred design

If you’re interested in how we go about user-centered design at Made Tech, then our blog, Designed and Made, should definitely be on your radar. Each week, a design community member takes a turn to write a post that falls somewhere under the vast umbrella of all the things we talk about when we talk about design. Here are a few recent highlights.

Why a collaborative mindset is essential to the future of NHS delivery

Last Thursday, I was really excited to unveil the Made Well Collective at the Leeds Digital Festival. This is a new collaborative approach to helping NHS organisations deliver digital and technology projects. Today I want to talk a bit more about the changes we need to support the future of health and social care and the shift in mindset needed to make that happen.

Why a Made Tech IPO – and why now?

We’re listing our shares on the London Stock Exchange, becoming a public company as of this morning. So I just want to share our reasons, so hopefully everyone can see that this is not only good news for Made Tech as a business, but more importantly for our customers and our staff.

How we encourage happiness and wellbeing at Made Tech

Happiness is very much part of our business at Made Tech. As it’s International Week of Happiness at Work, we thought we’d share some of the things we do to work towards making sure we’re supporting a happy, healthy, and inclusive workplace for all.