Scaling scrum and overcoming challenges

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If you’ve ever been involved in building a single product with multiple teams you know how tricky it can be.

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Why data ethics matter

Avatar for Haroon Ahmed

We’re hoping to see data ethics develop as we discuss opinions and points of view of diverse communities of developers, customers and citizens.

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How to use inclusive language to talk about technology

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To communicate inclusively in tech, there’s several things to keep in mind that help us nurture a culture that truly values diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Do alien space-hackers threaten the UK public sector?

Avatar for Arnie Armstrong

The UK public sector faces an ever increasing barrage of cyber attacks every hour of every day.

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Creating a text-based SMS service to make mental health services for children and young people more accessible

Avatar for Rich Byrne Avatar for Alex Martin

In early 2021, we began an 8-month journey to create a digital mental health support finder tool for children and young people in Gloucestershire.

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What is the value of user-centred design?

Avatar for Victoria Garcia Greene

Despite user-centred-design’s rise in popularity, stakeholders and clients can still struggle to understand the value of taking this type of approach.

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5 reasons local government projects don’t make it out of discovery (and what to do about it)

Avatar for Annie Heath

A discovery phase helps organisations prioritise what to do first when improving a public service. But not all projects make it past this stage. Here are 5 reasons projects don’t make it out of discovery, and how to make sure they do when they should.

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