Why saying no can be a good thing

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As delivery managers, one of our priorities is managing expectations. And so it’s imperative that we get comfortable with saying no sometimes.

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What is it like to work with Made Tech as a client?

Avatar for Lucy Gordon

What is it like to work with Made Tech? It’s a good question – and an understandable one, if you’re a potential client thinking of working with us.

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What went down at Deliver Con 2022

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A couple of weeks ago we opened the Made Tech doors for the UK’s delivery manager community in and around the public sector. We shared our space to help host Deliver Con for 2 days, welcoming a range of wonderful speakers sharing their stories of agile delivery.

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Accelerating delivery: 10 questions to ask your team

Avatar for Anikh Subhan

If you work in digital in the public sector, you’re probably aware of accelerated delivery. It helps to build projects faster, more efficiently, and with reduced risk. 

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A day in the remote life of a software engineer

Avatar for David Winter

More people are now being forced into a remote working lifestyle that they may be unprepared for. I’ve been a mostly remote worker for around two years and wanted to share some of my routine in the hope that some may find it helpful.

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Delivery management: it’s more than roadmaps

Avatar for Ayo Olatunde

Driving delivery while empowering teams is a tricky balance. In this post I’ll shed some light on some of the tasks your friendly delivery manager does.

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Scaling scrum and overcoming challenges

Avatar for Fernando Bautista Quinteros

If you’ve ever been involved in building a single product with multiple teams you know how tricky it can be.

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Putting methodology in the blender: How should “I” manage a project?

Avatar for Matt Glover

“I use PRINCE2”. “I apply Waterfall”. “I like Lean”. “I prefer Scrum”. “I <3 Agile!”Every project manager has their favourite approach, and some swear by “the one”. But why choose one when you can have them all?

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Documentation should meet outcomes too

Avatar for Duncan Bell

How do we go beyond seeing documentation as a burden and ensure that it is maintainable, reliable and valuable? Documentation is necessary to explain how something complicated works and defines a critical process to ensure a successful software release.

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Importance of information management in agile

Avatar for Luke Morton

Do you keep an up-to-date record of the current context of your product? And the needs being met by your product?

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