Why data ethics matter

We’re hoping to see data ethics develop as we discuss opinions and points of view of diverse communities of developers, customers and citizens.

8 golden rules of data-driven public services

To set the public sector on the right path in their digital projects, we want to challenge organisations to step away from their traditional methods. Here’s what you need to know to make your next data-driven project a success.

The foundations of data-driven government

Before starting data projects, it’s important for public sector teams to make sure they have the right technical, operational and cultural foundations. In this post I’d like to share what these foundations are, why they matter and how to get them right. If you work in and around data, you probably know a lot of this. But if you work in the public sector digital space and you’re hoping to make better use of your data, this is hopefully of some use!

Measuring the carbon footprint of your Python applications

With environmental targets an ever-growing concern, building applications that are as efficient as possible is more important than ever. Data is the key to understanding the environmental impact your applications have. With this in mind, how do you begin to measure the carbon footprint of your software?

What is a data-driven organisation? Bringing order to chaos

Continuing his series on data-driven organisations, our Senior Engineer John Nicholas dives deeper into the problem of data and the importance of identifying the distinction between ‘data-driven organisations’ and ‘informed learning organisations’.