Boundaries in Object Oriented Design

As responsible programmers we like to write programs to the best of our ability. As our profession has evolved so too have our languages and the tools we use. We identify around concepts, patterns and principles.

Enhancing Customer Experience With Email Schemas

Delivering a great end to end customer experience doesn’t just stop when your customers complete their checkout process. Every communication you have with them thereafter matters. Anything that can be done to make their continued interactions with your brand better is something worth implementing.

Design Patterns: Observer

To be meaningfully involved in the architecture of any web application your team is building, a basic grasp of what design patterns are, and knowledge of the patterns most commonly used, are good tools to have. There’s a shorthand that develops naturally when you’ve understood the concepts within that are otherwise impossible to blag.

Getting To Grips With Icon Fonts

Icon fonts are monochromatic images which are incredibly useful, scalable and easy to implement. In this post I’m going to talk about why we began using them, why you should use them, and how to do so.