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Join us for our fortnightly podcast, bringing you positive content from all over the world on how to improve your software delivery.

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29 – Product management and STEM Diversity, with Karl Dickman

Join Clare, Kyle and guests

Our Lead Engineers Clare Sudbery and Kyle Chapman will join a diverse series of passionate experts, getting excited about all things software related.

“This is a fab podcast, especially for those in public sector tech. The different topics and conversations covered are really insightful and the quests so far have been great!”

“I really love this podcast!
Since it began, it’s been my go-to gym/decorating soundtrack and the most enjoyable way I’ve found so far of immersing myself in great ideas for improving how my team and I work.”

“Really enjoyed this honest and genuine podcast. The guests are all fabulously unique and offer eye-opening perspectives. Highly recommend, Clare and her team are wonderful hosts.”

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