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Writings on building software delivery capabilities and delivering digital & technology outcomes for ambitious organisations.


Developers joining user research: an interview

An interview with Elena, a software engineer at Made Tech who loves to join in with user research.

Investing in digital skills for the future

Many organisations have fallen behind in the digital race. They’ve been unable to keep up with the pace of change and therefore need to buy a digital transformation to catch up. Couldn’t this whole transformation business have been avoided?

What does good technology look like?

Just as digital service teams are measuring the performance of their products, it’s important also for technology departments and development teams to decide on what good technology looks like so that we can ensure the choices and practices we’re implementing are having a positive outcome for our users.

Kubernetes: The Good Parts – Should you build your own or use a managed service?

Now that we know what Kubernetes is, let’s see what options we have to create our own Kubernetes cluster.

Balancing discovery and development

In an ideal world, ideas are transformed through discovery and development into desired outcomes and impact. In practice, balancing discovery and development isn’t always easy or a priority.

Kubernetes: The Good Parts

This is the start of a blog post series that will discuss the various aspects of Kubernetes. We’ll try to guide you through the myriad of choices when choosing the type of Kubernetes installation, setting up a continuous pipeline to deploy your application to a Kubernetes cluster and how to secure said cluster.

An inside perspective of the Made Tech Academy

At the time of writing this, I’m in the latter half of the Made Tech academy process, so I figured I would write about the experience so far and why the scheme is invaluable for people who have some technical skills but are trying to get started within the tech industry.

Becoming a better engineer by becoming a better mentor

Some dos and don’ts for supporting and coaching less experienced engineers

Azure DevOps is not DevOps (yet)

At Made Tech, our company mission is “to improve software delivery in every organisation” and recently while using Azure DevOps, I’ve been feeling that currently, these two things are mutually exclusive.

Digital skills shortage: what can we do?

The evidence is all around us: there is a shortage of digital skills. You only need to look at the ever inflating tech salaries and the array of benefits companies offer employees. Such offers are made in an attempt to get access to the limited supply of tech talent available in the market. We’ve got a problem and it’s only going to increase unless we do something about it.