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How do we solve a problem like diversity?

Just over a year ago, I wrote about the lack of diversity at Made Tech and how it was something we needed to work on as a business. We’d recognised our ‘ignorance’ had led to inactivity in identifying problem areas, but once we’d accepted our failures, we had to stop being passive bystanders and actually take active steps to address them.

How deep is your work?

Coined by Cal Newport in 2012 on his Study Hacks blog, deep work is the ability to reach a state of increased productivity when performing cognitively taxing tasks by minimising or ignoring external interferences. Making deep work the centrepoint of your knowledge work schedule generates three key benefits:

Pair programming remotely: tools and tips that make it better

Pairing is a great way to boost productivity and help crack a particularly complex problem.

Game, skill set, match – How to develop your team using LearnTech

2017 was a big year for us with a number of successful projects under our belt including writing our second book Building High Performance Agile Teams, adding more great people to our team and launching our new Made Tech Academy initiative.

When to fold ’em – how to avoid the sunk cost fallacy

Some years ago, I worked as part of a development team on a project to upgrade a tangled legacy system managing a company’s payment systems. Two months in, and we had very little to show for it – pages of diagrams that looked like spiderwebs, a few outages caused by failed attempts to untangle the pile, and a rising level of frustration.

Welcome to the Skills Matrix

Made Tech is where we are because of our people. We see the importance and value in progress and self-improvement and encourage a culture of openness and sharing because it creates an enjoyable and productive environment. With learning at the crux of everything we do, we wanted to improve software delivery within our own organisation first and create capable mentors to help everyone in the team progress.
We therefore decided a new approach to employee development was needed. The idea was to provide clear paths for improving ability both internally and in customer teams. While reviews and continuous feedback systems work on a general level, we wanted to find the most effective way of increasing skill parity across a company, so we trialled a skills matrix.

A tale in adopting Alpine Linux for Docker – problems we faced with RSpec testing

If you read Wikipedia you will find that Alpine is a Linux distribution that is based on musl (more on this later) and BusyBox.

What’s green on the outside but red on the inside? Hopefully not your project.

The skin of a watermelon presents a paradox or simultaneous reality of its core; both perfectly ripe and disappointingly mushy, but you won’t know which until it’s cut open. So you just leave it be; looking green and fine until it’s too late and… disintegrates.

3 Ways to Improve Your Microsoft Dynamics NAV User Experience

We’ve worked with a number of organisations who make use of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV suite as their Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP). As is common with similar off the shelf tools such as SAP and FinancialForce for Salesforce, it can be hard to provide a productive and enjoyable user experience, often requiring a number of unituitive steps on several screens to perform basic tasks such as logging a sick day.

Made Tech Awarded 3 Government Publishing Tenders

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been chosen to deliver three projects on the GOV.UK platform. Over the next few months, we’ll be working closely with the GDS teams to deliver:

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