Made Tech is a high-growth provider of Digital, Data and Technology services for the UK Public Sector


We support you at every point in the delivery lifecycle, from Discovery through to Alpha, Beta, and all the way to running Live services.

The right

We have a proven track record in helping public sector organisations to deliver.

discovery &
Alpha service

In the Discovery phase, we help you understand your users' problems, the approaches needed to resolve them and the risks involved. This means doing research with real users to test our assumptions, then trusting the insights from their feedback so that we can help design solutions.

In the Alpha phase, we help you build and test prototypes that solve the problems identified in Discovery. This can involve testing several ideas on groups of users to understand what works and to build a picture of what a live service might look like. We start small and test quickly, learning from users' feedback as we go.

Our approach

Inception workshops

User research

Playback sessions

Roadmapping workshops

Data & tech analysis

Co-design workshops

Solution hypothesis

Testing prototypes

Business case

"Made Tech have supported our strategic move to public cloud. We've found the calibre of their team to be very high, and we've come to trust them to support us in complex transformation work involving changes to how we deliver software."

Dave Rogers. Chief Technology Officer at Ministry of Justice

Beta MVP &
Live service

In the Beta phase, we help you turn the prototypes tested in the Alpha phase into a minimum viable product (MVP). It's important to keep iterating and incrementing throughout, and to keep listening to users as they continue to provide feedback on what works and what doesn't.

In the Live phase, we help you turn the successful Beta into a live service. We practise continual validation and user testing, to keep driving improvements in performance and meet your users' needs.

Throughout each phase, it's essential to check our assumptions and to design for what users really need, then to optimise the solution to deliver on those needs.

Review discovery & alpha insights

Develop beta MVP

Private beta

Public beta

Live service

Ongoing service iteration

Where we help

We have a proven track record in helping the Public Sector to deliver technology at pace. Our service includes Digital service delivery, Enabling technology skills, Transforming legacy applications and Data infrastructure & analytics.

We’re a trusted supplier to the UK Public Sector.

Made Tech
Made Tech is a high-growth provider of Digital, Data and Technology services for the UK Public Sector
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