Is the GOV.UK Service Manual’s approach to agile, truly agile?

Laura Burnett, Matt Glover

Date: Thursday, 29 June 2023

Time: 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm BST

Where: Apex Hotel, Bath

GOV.UK has won multiple awards, and inspired similar agile approaches to public sector digital delivery around the world.

Despite this, the agile community remains unconvinced of the Service Manual’s phases, asking:

  • Is there too much process to be agile?
  • Is Discovery/Alpha/Beta/Live waterfall in disguise?
  • Can agile work with spend approvals and procurement?
  • Would all agile teams benefit from this approach?

Join us to have a go at answering these questions in a fishbowl session at the Agile in the City conference in Bath, as we look to see how the Public and Private sectors can learn from each other.

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