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Continuous Delivery

Moving your application from development to production Cloud infrastructure, through a series of automated steps in a Continuous Delivery pipeline allows you to deliver software with more speed and less risk.

Make painful, big bang software releases a thing of a past by adopting the Continuous Delivery approach.

With software technology evolving at an ever increasing rate, it can be a struggle to keep your organisation's application ahead of the pack. Protracted development cycles, huge feature sets and moments of panic when the time comes to finally release them to your audience are all too common. Fortunately, these are problems that can be alleviated by simply thinking differently about software delivery.

What can Continuous Delivery do for you?

Your organisation's application is a vital component of your business, and it's something thousands of people interact with on a daily basis, whether it's your customers, or you and your team of engineers. For your customers, it's important that you can quickly deploy changes that will enhance the experience they have using your application, and for your engineers it's important that they're able to make updates and changes without fear of breaking things in ways that can adversely affect your business.

Continuous Delivery eliminates that fear, making it safe and easy to deploy changes by introducing significant changes in fundamental areas of your software delivery process:

  • An automated Continuous Delivery pipeline that will test the resilience of your software and alert you to problems immediately.
  • A preference for small development cycles, in which your team has the freedom to deploy code on a daily basis.
  • A shift away from silos, and towards your team having a shared understanding of the entire application.
  • A particular focus on team communication and empowerment, such that the entire team is willing and able to share responsibility for the development and delivery of the application.

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