Improving public sector delivery: the role of data governance and AI integration

Government Transformation Magazine brought together senior civil servants for a closed-door discussion on data governance and AI, with expert industry perspective from Made Tech.

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What’s stopping the democratisation of data?


Chasey Davies-Wrigley, principal data engineer at Made Tech discusses how to promote the democratisation of data starting with a new and improved approach to the data maturity assessment.

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How to create open, shared and sustainable data in government


Charles Baird and Firoze Salim from the Central Digital and Data office (CDDO) joined Made Tech’s Jim Stamp to examine how both central and local government can drive innovation through data sharing.

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Opinion: Can synthetic data supercharge public sector tech?

Dr James Poulten, Lead Data Scientist at Made Tech, discusses the potential power of synthetic data in government and how we can use it to supercharge the analytics process.

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Addressing the digital and data skills gap to deliver enduring transformation

Public services are under the cosh with departments and agencies facing constrained budgets, but with the same number of priorities to deliver.

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How to stop data ethics becoming a roadblock to innovation


The last thing the public sector needs is a conversation around the ethical use of data slowing down or blocking innovation. Made Tech’s Haroon Ahmed explains the ways ethical data can be an enabler to design services and successfully underpin technology practices.

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Public sector IT projects need ethical data practices from start

Data ethics needs be to integrated into public sector IT projects from the very start, and considered throughout every stage of the process, to be effective.

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