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Software Engineer

Our Engineers build software that makes our customers happy, they prefer solving a problem over completing a task, love learning from colleagues, and constantly strive to be nice humans.

What does the job entail?

We primarily write and deliver custom software to our customers. We build solutions in a variety of languages and platforms, historically Ruby on Rails though we tend to use React and JavaScript for decoupled frontends. We've even got a few applications in Elixir and Clojure. We will usually be responsible for setting up a customer’s infrastructure on AWS with tools like Ansible and Terraform though sometimes we opt for a Platform as a Service like Heroku. We make sure there is a Continuous Delivery pipeline running our automated test suites before deploying changes.

The software we build solves business problems. We’ve built software for karaoke, e-commerce, retail buying departments, accountants, photography studios, warehouses, supply chain companies, and ourselves. Typical projects will last 3-6 months, some customers work with us over longer periods but we like to mix up teams at around 6 months to keep things fresh.

What experience are we looking for?

We’ll expect you to be proficient in at least two programming languages. This is usually something like Ruby/Python/PHP/Java/C# and then JavaScript. Everyone in the organisation comes from various language backgrounds and we see this as a strength of our offering, our teams can solve problems with open minds and across many platforms. This also makes for a great learning environment.

Code is only the half of it. The other half is communication. We expect you to be a great communicator with customers and colleagues in written and spoken English. We meet our customers face to face regularly, even working from their office, along with keeping in touch via Slack and Google Hangouts.

Everything else is optional but highly sought after. We would love you to have experience in:

  • Previous experience working directly with customers
  • Writing code with Test Driven Development or perhaps ATDD
  • Mentoring colleagues providing them with guidance rather than solutions
  • Pair programming as we pair around 50% of the time
  • Agile practices like Scrum, XP, and/or Kanban
  • Component based design techniques such as using pattern libraries, styled components, CSS-in-JS, BEM, and/or SUIT CSS
  • React ecosystem including a TDD approach
  • Working with a range of SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Infrastructure as code tools like Ansible, Chef, Puppet, and/or Saltstack
  • Strong delivery skills: a huge drive to get something shipped

What is it like to work at Made Tech?

We are a sanctuary for those wanting to hone their skills alongside like-minded learners. After joining our team it is common for new starters to comment on how much they’re learning and how much they enjoy the fact they are surrounded by people they can learn from. This includes our most senior hires.

The biggest thing you’ll take away from our culture after spending the day with us would be that we practice continuous improvement at every level. Everyone has peer-based one-to-ones every 2 weeks along with monthly one-to-ones with a director. Teams have fortnightly retrospectives. We also hold a company wide retrospective fortnightly. We discuss our problems out in the open, and rather than punish failure we band together and find solutions.

Other notable things:

  • There is a learning or hack day once a month
  • Everyone writes a blog post at least every 5 weeks
  • Our handbook is open sourced
  • We are vegan and non-drinker friendly as well as meat-eater and drinker friendly
  • Retreats and trips every year


This role has a salary of £30-50k depending on experience. Our Senior Engineer role has a range of £50-65k and Lead Engineer up to £85k.


We do our best to treat our team well. Here are a few of the perks you can expect at Made Tech:

Annual Performance Bonus
We offer an annual bonus based on a combination of the performance of the business and your personal performance across the year.
Company Credit Card
We don't believe in filing expense claims in triplicate. We provide you a company credit card to buy things you need for work, from books to computer equipment.
Remote Working
We have a great office in Central London where a lot of the team choose to spend their time; but we want you to work wherever you’re most productive. Be it the kitchen table or the beach.
Travel loan and cycle to work
We make your commute as affordable as possible by offering a travel loan for your season ticket or by helping you buy a bike.
Untracked Holiday
We encourage you to take off as much time as you need during the year so you’re always fresh and focused on doing great work.
Team Lunches
We get together every Friday and have a team lunch somewhere around the office in Bankside.
Brand new Macbook Pro
We will provide you a new laptop ready for your new start.
Employee assistance programme
Free finance and legal advice, along with over-the-phone counselling.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in chatting more about this position, please send either a CV or your LinkedIn profile and ideally a link to your public GitHub repositories to Yasemin.

Recruiters: we always hire directly. Please do not get in touch.

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