Gender pay gap at Made Tech

The gender pay gap is a measure that shows the difference in average earnings between women and men.

2022 is the first year we’ve legally qualified to report on our gender pay gap. As equality and inclusion has always been a priority for us, last year we voluntarily published our 2021 diversity figures

We’re committed to working as openly as possible. This is something we’ll continue to build on and share widely as we focus on closing our gender pay gap.

Breaking down our gender pay gap

This data does not mean we pay differently for the same or similar roles based on a team member’s gender. The main factor contributing to our pay gap is that we have more men than women in senior roles, which is something we need to address further. The figures below show the percentage difference when compared to Made Tech as a whole. 

2021 and 2022 gender pay gap comparison

Hourly Pay

Comparing our 2022 results to 2021, the hourly pay gap has decreased. This is hugely positive and is something we plan to build on. 

Here is how bonuses were paid throughout the snapshot period.

Breakdown of bonuses at Made Tech in 2022

Percentage of team members who received any bonus24%
Percentage of men who received a bonus21%
Percentage of women who received a bonus28%
Mean bonus pay – gender pay gap10%
Median bonus pay – gender pay gap-50.86%

Bonuses at Made Tech include commission, an anniversary benefit bonus (now ceased), referral bonuses (when someone at Made Tech refers a new hire) and sign-on bonus (when a new hire joins Made Tech, now ceased).

Women at Made Tech are paid 10% less in bonuses than men. This gap is largely down to having more men than women in our commercial team where most bonuses are paid. Of the 20 people in the highest quartile of bonus pay, 14 of them sit in our commercial team. 

A contributing factor to our pay gap is the gender imbalance across our business, particularly in senior roles. If we go back to our 2022 snapshot data, women made up 37.03% of our workforce versus the 60.93% that men represented. With that level of gender imbalance, our pay gap will never be satisfactory.

How we’re working to close the gap

How we close this gap is a big question and there’s no single answer. But there is important work already underway. Some of the things our recruitment team have introduced and are currently working on includes:

  • creating cross-functional interviewing panels that help remove underrepresentation at senior levels during the interview process
  • improved reporting through candidate surveys that help us better understand candidate conversion from underrepresented groups – this will help us understand where our process may be impacting women and other marginalised groups
  • specifically targeting female candidates, especially for senior roles in our Cloud and Engineering capability 
  • making sure our third-party resourcer for contractors has goals built around delivering a 50/50 balance in our contractor hiring

There has also been work underway to close our gender pay gap in the Made Tech Academy, this involves:

  • supporting grass root entry into software engineering, requiring no prior experience or qualifications to grow and succeed at Made Tech
  • setting up key outreach programmes to support those without the traditional entry into technology such as working with Coding Black Females, Triangirls, Tech Ladies and WomenHack events 
  • making sure there’s an equal gender split across our academy

Finally, there’s also been work on internal processes at Made Tech, these include:

  • a process for internal promotions to make sure all team members feel supported and encouraged to grow and develop into senior roles 
  • continuing to support outreach initiatives and networking opportunities for our team members, such as using Triangirls and Tech Ladies job boards and attending WomenHack events
  • a dedicated committee focused on improving equity, diversity and inclusion at Made Tech, including gathering annual census data to help shape our internal initiatives and guide our people experience
  • an ESG committee to assist in holding Made Tech accountable in our diversity and inclusion journey

We know that the gender pay gap is just one part of making sure every member of our society feels represented and fairly compensated at work. And as part of previous surveys to help us explore ways to close our gender pay gap, we’ve also looked at and reported on our ethnic pay gap.