Gender pay gap at Made Tech

We’re passionate about making sure Made Tech is a workplace built on fairness, transparency and equal opportunity. Closing our gender pay gap is high on our agenda each year, as we know it’s crucial in building a fair, equitable and happy society. 

The gender pay gap is a measure we use to show the difference in average earnings between women and men at Made Tech. 2022 was the first year we were legally required to report on our gender pay gap. As equality and inclusion is important to us, we also voluntarily published our 2021 diversity figures

Reporting on our gender pay gap enables us to see how well the efforts we’re putting in to close any gap are working. In the report below, you’ll find areas in our gender pay gap where we’ve improved on previous years, and areas that still need a bit more work. We are committed to continuously building on this and sharing the information widely.

Breaking down our gender pay gap

As you take a look at our gender report, it’s important to note that the data you’ll see does not mean we pay our people differently for the same or similar roles based on their gender.

Looking in more detail at our 2022 snapshot data, it shows that the gender balance of our people is 37.03% women and 60.93% men. This is most obvious in our senior roles and our cloud and engineering capability, which makes up the majority of our people. 

In 2023, we’re pleased to have seen those figures move to 40.5% women and 59.4% men. Though this is an increase, we are still focused on closing the proportional demographic gap in our employee base overall. You can read more about what we’re doing to increase that number at the end of this report.

A year on year comparison

Hourly Pay

Comparing our 2023 results to 2022, our hourly pay gap has increased. While this may initially look like a step in the wrong direction, we believe this is primarily due to the following efforts to build a more gender and ethnically diverse organisation. 

Our Academy has gone a long way towards encouraging more women to start their careers in tech. While this helps increase our gender balance, hiring women through our Academy means they initially start out as lower earners. During May 2022, we had a number of women who joined across our Academy, through the cloud and engineering and user-centred practice cohorts, which has negatively impacted our gender pay gap this year (2023).

Bonuses at Made Tech in 2022

Here’s a look at how bonuses were paid throughout the snapshot period in 2022 and 2023. 

Percentage of people who received any bonus24%
Percentage of men who received a bonus21%
Percentage of women who received a bonus28%
Mean bonus pay – gender pay gap10%
Median bonus pay – gender pay gap-50.86%

Bonuses at Made Tech in 2023
Percentage of people who received any bonus40.7%
Percentage of men who received a bonus42.3%
Percentage of women who received a bonus38.3%
Mean bonus pay – gender pay gap8.7%
Median bonus pay – gender pay gap11.1%

Before we dive into the bonus breakdown, let’s define what bonuses look like at Made Tech. 

Commission: this is part of our incentive compensation schedules for our commercial team.
Anniversary bonus: this is an anniversary benefit bonus (now ended and was paid up until June 2023).
Sign-on: this is when a new hire joins the team (now ended and was paid up until 2022).
Referral: this is when a team member refers an individual that joins our organisation.

In 2023, women were paid 8.7% less in bonuses than men. This gap is largely down to more men than women in our team, to explore this further:

  • there were 39 people in our top bonus quartile
  • 13 of those sit in our commercial team: 7 are men and 6 are women
  • 17 people received a holiday bonus: 10 are men, 7 are women
    • 2 of those men received their 5 year bonus which includes a higher bonus than for our 3 year anniversary

What we’re doing to close the gap

Our sector is one that’s historically male-dominated, which means there’s an added challenge when it comes to closing our gender gap. In our mission to get more women into tech and develop their careers, some of the techniques and tools used by our talent team include:

  • cross-functional panels that help improve representation at senior levels during interviews and promotion panels
  • candidate surveys to help us understand candidate conversion from underrepresented groups – this also helps us recognise points in our process that may be impacting women and other marginalised groups
  • specifically targeting female candidates, especially for senior roles in our cloud and engineering capability through employee referrals, job boards and internal promotions
  • making sure our third-party resourcer for contractors is built around delivering a 50/50 balance in our contractor hiring
  • gender decoder software to make sure our job ads are inclusive and not gender coded  

Our Academy is one of the ways we address our gender pay gap, along with more diverse hiring. We’re proud to support grassroot entry into software engineering, by not asking candidates to have any  prior experience or qualifications to grow and succeed at Made Tech. Our key outreach programmes support those without the traditional entry into technology and we work with brilliant organisations such as Coding Black Females, Triangirls, and WomenHack events. 

We are committed to making sure we have representation at all levels. Now that we have more women in the team, we’re passionate about supporting their progression and career development. This will not only help us encourage their growth and retain our great people, it will also build our representation of women. With stronger diversity and more women across a traditionally male sector, we believe this will encourage more talented women to apply for our open roles. 

Wider team activities

Right across the business there’s been great work happening with our internal processes and activities, these include:

  • better support for internal promotions to make sure all our people feel supported and encouraged to grow and develop into senior roles 
  • a dedicated working group to support gender diversity within our cloud and engineering capability (one of the more challenging areas when it comes to gender balance)
  • continued support towards outreach initiatives and networking opportunities for our people, such as using Triangirls, Coding Black Females, and attending WomenHack events
  • our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) committee which is dedicated to improving Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) at Made Tech. They gather annual census data to help shape our internal initiatives and guide our people experience, while holding Made Tech accountable in our diversity and inclusion journey.

Looking to the future 

Now we’ve shared the changes we’ve made over the past year, here’s what’s coming up that we believe will continue to close our gender pay gap: 

  • a stronger focus on hiring more women into senior roles (this is included in our ESG confirmed initiatives)
  • a market compensation review project to better understand our roles, career pathways and succession planning
  • continue to focus on closing the gender gap through our people strategy which is to create an industry leading employee experience that is framed around equity, fairness and transparency

As well as conducting surveys to help us explore ways to close our gender pay gap, it is our intention to report on our ethnicity pay gap in the near future. We will continue to work with our ESG and ED&I committees so they have sight and involvement in our reporting. We believe this will ensure it remains a key focus on the agenda year on year. 

Reiterating our initial statement, the gender pay gap is just one part of making sure our people feel represented and fairly compensated at work and we will continue to work with everyone in the business to help close this gap.