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Working at Made Tech is about doing what you love.

We hire people who are passionate about their work, people who always strive to be better, and people who just love making things.


We care about our work

We deliver quality software, and encourage best practices because it makes sense for business. Automated test suites, code quality analysis, peer reviews, pair programming are just a few practices that put our work above the rest.


We make a difference

We focus our efforts on building products that can make a real difference to our customers businesses. We find this type of work more challenging and more rewarding. Less short-lived, throwaway campaigns, more mission critical systems and services.


We continuously improve

We see the importance and value in self improvement. We have regular code dojos, show and tells, reviews and other reflective practices to help encourage sharing. We cultivate ourselves to cultivate the company.


We are here to stay

We are building a lasting organisation in which our people can grow with the business. We try to think hard about how to best approach every aspect of what we do to create the most enjoyable and productive environment.

We particularly welcome applications from women, black and minority ethnic candidates as they are under-represented within the Made Tech staff. We are committed to making Made Tech as diverse as possible.

  • Software Engineering

    • Our engineers build software that make our customers happy, prefer problem solving over task completing, love learning from colleagues, and constantly strive to be nice humans.

    • Our lead engineers turn our customer’s needs into roadmaps, coach teams to deliver, are cutting the best code of their career, still learn everyday, and constantly strive to be nice humans.

  • Graduates, Interns, and Apprentices

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