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Made Tech Awarded 3 Government Publishing Tenders

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been chosen to deliver three projects on the GOV.UK platform. Over the next few months, we’ll be working closely with the GDS teams to deliver:

End To End Testing for Publishing Applications

GDS have built a multitude of microservices within the GOV.UK platform, each of which are thoroughly tested. An improvement they’re keen to make is to have a similar level of testing on a broader level. We’ll be working with them to provide a set of end to end tests for six of their publishing applications, ensuring the most common routes through and between each microservice work when integrated.

Broken Link Checking Tool

Across the GOV.UK platform, there are thousands of links pointing to external domains. As those domains change, such links are liable to break or, worse, lead a user down a malicious path. Our delivery team will be working to build a tool that evaluates the quality of external links in a number of ways and helps GOV.UK publishers identify links that are either compromised or simply broken.

Dependency upgrades for Ruby on Rails applications

Many of the applications running on GOV.UK are built with Ruby on Rails which, along with Ruby itself, regularly receives security updates and bug fixes. This project will involve ensuring each application is running on up to date software, and will introduce the automatic updating of Ruby on Rails and its dependencies to GOV.UK’s Continuous Integration workflow.

Each project’s dedicated team of engineers will be working to both deliver software that provides a robust solution to each problem, and introduce strong software delivery practices that will benefit the GDS team and the GOV.UK platform in the long term.

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