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Why now is a great time to choose a career at Made Tech

If you work in technology in the UK, you know that there’s an extremely competitive jobs market out there. And as we head into 2022, the uncertainty surrounding omicron looks set to continue. The challenges ahead of everyone working in public sector technology are pretty significant, not least because there’s still so much work to be done.

We said a few months back that we’re doubling down on our commitment to improving public sector technology. To do that, we’re going to need to continue to attract the best, most diverse talent that shares our passion for making public sector technology better for everyone. In this post, I want to share 3 reasons why Made Tech is a great place to begin or develop your career in technology…

1. You’ll do the most important work of your career

Our work at Made Tech is all about making public sector technology better for everyone. Most of the work we do is with central and local government organisations. We help them to make world-class digital services, transform old ways of working, and build in-house teams to take their technology forwards themselves.

We’ve done this dozens of times for all kinds of public sector teams, but a project I’m particularly proud of is the work we did to help connect hospital patients with loved ones near the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

We partnered with Hillingdon, Kettering, and London North West University NHS Hospital Trusts to develop a simple but robust virtual visits service so that hospital patients could talk to friends and relatives when it wasn’t possible to see them in person. We built the alpha version in 48 hours, and this technology is now freely available for other NHS organisations to use and build on if they wish.

There’s so much more work we have done and are doing that we’re excited to talk more about, including our work with the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities that will help people all over the country. And it’s no stretch to say that some of our other work with central government will literally save lives.

When we can, we’ll talk more about this valuable work, but rest assured that the work you’ll do at Made Tech will really make a difference to ordinary people in the UK.

2. You’ll be given time and space for learning

Learning, development and mentoring are a huge part of a Made Tech career. We encourage everyone to make time for learning, regardless of where you are in your career. That means everyone has:

  • 12 days learning time per year, which can be taken as individual days, or in blocks
  • a learning budget of £300 a year (with more funding available from a company learning budget should the need arise)
  • access to Learnably, so you can order your own pre-approved books, courses and get access to other learning resources
  • access to an array of in-house mentoring, learning and teaching opportunities

A few weeks back, some of the Made Tech team put some of their learning time towards a two-day game jam – a great way to develop creative, collaborative, design and technology skills at once.

Naturally, we want your learning to be relevant to your role, but we’re also big believers in the benefits of continual learning. We want everyone that works at Made Tech to be prosperous and happy, and leave us with their career all the stronger for their time with us.

You can read more about learning at Made Tech in our company handbook, which we publish online.

3. You can work from almost anywhere in the UK

Though these are challenging times for all, Made Tech is thriving, and our plans to grow the company continue. Our next steps are to open offices in Scotland and the North East, joining our hubs in London, Manchester, Bristol and Swansea. As well as helping us support customers in these regions, new offices help us better support flexible working for more people around the UK.

If you’re interested in working at Made Tech, we want to hear from you, regardless of where you live in the UK. The reality of our being a client-focused consultancy is that, when it’s safe to do so, our customers do sometimes want to work with us in person. We just ask that you’re able to visit one of our office locations (current or future) when the occasional need arises.

We want to accommodate as flexible working as we possibly can. Again, you can read much more about these topics in our handbook:

?‍? Remote Working

✈️ Flexible Holiday

?️ Flexible Working Hours

? Flexible Parental Leave

Some extra perks

We have some great employee benefits, including private medical insurance or healthcare cover as standard. I’m particularly proud of the paid counselling support, an anonymous service that provides not only support for people’s health and wellbeing, but also practical independent advice for things like finances and legal issues.

There’s lots more. You can read more about the benefits and perks available to everyone at Made Tech, as well as our culture of learning, on our careers page. And as you’ve seen, we publish our company handbook in the open so you can read up on what it’s like to work at Made Tech in much more detail.

Our open roles

That’s about it for now. It just remains to say, if you’re interested in working at Made Tech, please take a look at our open roles:

About the Author

Kate Phillips, Head of Talent at Made Tech

Kate Phillips

Head of Talent at Made Tech