Made appointed for Jordans and Ryvita Technical Delivery

We’re excited to announce that following a competitive pitch, we’ve been appointed as technology partner to deliver both the Jordans and Ryvita web builds in 2013.

The technical roadmap that we presented sees a shift towards a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with loose-coupling between site components such as products, competitions and recipe databases. This will allow the sites to share common components, and provides a framework in which, without the need for rebuilding entire sites from scratch, the sites can evolve with the replacement of single components as they reach end of life.

Part of the work we’ve delivered to date has involved a deep-dive in to the site analytics to truly understand how users are interacting with the site. Coupling this with an understanding Jordans commercial objectives, we’ve since been working on a user experience that more closely meets the needs of real user behaviour.

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Chris Blackburn

Director and Partner at Made Tech. Borderline compulsion for automating, measuring and testing everything.

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