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Jordans Recipe section launches

Hot on the heels of our earlier launch of the Jordans Cereals website, we’ve delivered an all-new recipe section for the site, featuring 10 carefully curated recipes containing a range of Jordans products.

We’ve made it possible to browse recipes both by category, for those who know what sort of delight they’d like to make, and by product, for those who know what their favourite Jordans product is. The section also features a number of user generated touchpoints, such as the ability to upload your own recipe to the site, a star rating mechanic and user reviews.

We’ve incorporated rich snippets across the section to enable Google to show rich search results for the recipes.

As with the rest of the Jordans Cereals website, the section is fully content managed, which allows the folks at Jordans to keep the recipe content fresh throughout the year. The recipe section also continues with the mobile responsive implementation; allowing recipes instructions to be followed along in the kitchen, and for the shopping list of ingredients to be easily carried along to the supermarket.

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