Picking the right Product Owner

For a lot of our customers working with Made is their first exposure to Agile. As part of any project, we’ll ask them to nominate a Product Owner to work closely with us throughout. Picking the right person for the job can make or break the project – so how do you make sure you choose correctly?

Time to Schema up

At Made we are always on the lookout for technologies and practices that enable us to deliver better code. Practices that can speed up page loads, help us write better tests, or in this case, offer up SEO improvements.

Keeping It Clean

During my transition from fledgling independent developer to fully functioning member of the team at Made a few years ago, it quickly became apparent that the code I was writing needed a lot of improvement in terms of how legible it was to others.

We’ve moved!

Having spent our first four years based in Shoreditch, the past three in the heart of Hoxton Square; we sadly outgrew space at our previous digs and have made the giant leap across the river to Bankside.

R&D with Javascript Maps

We’re currently working on a project for Global Stories which requires a fairly complex map interface. We’ve been looking into alternates to Google Maps, as we’d like to find something which gives us a bit more control over the look and feel and the interaction within the map.

Moving to Hoxton Square

We’re sad to say that we’ve expanded beyond the available space in our current Ryvington Street office, forcing us just round the corner in to Hoxton Square.