Transcript of "Making Tech Better – Trailer"

We’re very excited here at Made Tech about our brand new podcast, Making Tech Better.

Paula Paul: “I spent two weeks at a convent in the Netherlands learning the French language”

Jon Skeet: “You know how infectious enthusiasm can be.”

Kit Collingwood: “There are two RBGs in my life – Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Royal Borough of Greenwich, and I love them both equally.”

My name is Clare Sudbery and I’ve been busy interviewing a ton of fascinating people with loads to say for anyone who’s interested in improving software delivery. And that’s not just the engineers. We’ll also have some bonus storytelling content and some other bits and bobs designed to help you with your jobs and your daily lives.

You’ll hear from Kit Collingwood, from Greenwich Council, on Tech for the Common Good…

Kit: “I’m seeking technology that never fails people. I can always see the emotion behind technology.”

…Jon Skeet, the king of Stack Overflow, on his drumkit explorer project…

Jon: “It’s the experimentation. If I’m learning one new concept, I want that concept to be front and centre – and ideally, kind of the only thing on the screen.”

We’ve got Paula Paul talking about modernization and transformation…

Paula: “Some days I’ll close the laptop and it’s like, goodness, I’m an engineer, not a psychiatrist.”

…Jessica Kerr talking about symmathesy…

Jessica: “What you’re doing is not correct. Your code is not correct. Your software is not correct. Your design is not correct. But because of our conscious thoughtful effort, all of these things are becoming better all the time,.”

But what even is symmathesy? You’ll just have to listen and find out.

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