LocalGovCamp 2023

About this event

We think this is a really important topic for us all to be thinking and talking about. There’s a growing need to verify users’ identity easily and securely. Innovative solutions are emerging – but where to start? 

We’re running an interactive session on digital identity. Bring along your talking points. It could be things like:

  • Identify the opportunities that digital identity can bring to council services
  • Articulate the trade-offs you can use to find the right digital identity solutions for your organisation’s needs and challenges
  • Take away a collective vision map of ideas and considerations to realise the benefits of digital identity 

We’ll also have a stand at the event. Please drop by for a friendly chat!

We hope to see you there.


Wednesday, 25 October 2023


Avatar photo

Ludivine Siau

Product Head, R&D at Made Tech

David Eaton, Client Partner at Made Tech

David Eaton

Client Partner at Made Tech

David is a fierce advocate of using digital technology to improve the working lives of UK civil servants in local government, as well as the lives of the communities they serve.

Photo showing Fraser

Fraser Trickett

Client Partner at Made Tech

Fraser has 20 years experience in local government. He has worked across numerous services throughout his career, including all aspects of housing, ranging from homelessness, voids, tenancy sign up and management, and repairs.

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