From zero to code: minimising friction in local government digital delivery

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Budget. Time. People. These are 3 things in short supply on digital deliveries in local government. We know we need to be as efficient and lean as possible to deliver products and services with any measure of success – but how?

In this talk, Delivery Principal Anikh Subhan will put pragmatism before textbook methodologies and cut straight to the proven, road-tested methods which we know help teams build, validate and deliver value as quickly as possible.


Tuesday, 21 June 2022


Anikh Subhan, Delivery Principal at Made Tech

Anikh Subhan

Delivery Principal at Made Tech

Anikh is an Agile software delivery expert with over 10 years of software delivery experience. He’s coached, trained and mentored teams across multiple organisations, including public sector, startups and multinationals.

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