AWS Advanced Partner

Our Public Sector and Advanced Partner status mean we’re perfectly placed to help you.

AWS certified since 2011

AWS partner network advanced consulting partner

In 2018, we became the first SME in the UK to achieve both Advanced Consulting Partner and Public Sector Partner status.

  • 1 of the first UK SME Advanced Partners
  • 250+ applications running on AWS
  • 23 Certified AWS staff
  • 8+ years experience
  • 27 AWS certifications

Our Public Sector Partner status recognises our in-depth knowledge and experience of delivering projects for public sector organisations and our portfolio of clients in this area. It also demonstrates AWS’s increased trust in Made Tech to meet the unique demands of this sort of organisation.

Our areas of
AWS expertise

  • Storage
Amazon snowball, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS
  • Network
Amazon API gateway, Amazon Cloudfront
  • Computer
Amazon EC2, Amazon Lambda

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Illustration showing two hands shaking


Delivering GovWifi for the Government Digital Service

We turned a beta product into a secure and scalable solution that supports 200,000 active weekly users.

Hackney Town Hall


Building an API platform for Hackney Council

We unlocked critical housing data using an API platform and microservice architecture.