AWS Advanced Partner

Our AWS status means we’re perfectly-placed to help the public sector deliver world-class services in the cloud.

  • AWS Advanced Partner (Consulting & Software)
  • AWS Government Competency
  • AWS Public Sector Partner

AWS certified since 2011

Accelerate your transformation working with an AWS-accredited partner that has:

  • the agile heritage to truly accelerate AWS deliveries that deliver value at pace for our customers
  • deep experience using AWS to transform services across the UK public sector
  • AWS Government Competency – one of only a handful of accredited partners specialising in the public sector

How we can help

Modernise legacy applications

Transform legacy applications and deliver world-class digital services that reap the full benefits of cloud technology.

Migrate services to the cloud

Bring your services to the cloud with minimum impact on the operation of your organisation.

Build data platforms that scale

Create the data platforms and pipelines you need to get the insights you need and enable truly predictive government.

Transform database services

Overhaul your database services so they scale quickly and cost-effectively in the cloud.

Empower DevOps

Unlock the potential of your DevOps capability with the cloud-enabled tools to help your organisation thrive.

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Illustration showing two hands shaking


Delivering GovWifi for the Government Digital Service

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Building an API platform for Hackney Council

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