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How AWS Government Competency will help us deliver more value for public sector organisations

Over the past decade or so, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its tech stack has been helping Made Tech move public sector organisations away from legacy technology so they can embrace new opportunities in using the cloud and use data in new and innovative ways.

Last month, we reached a huge milestone in our AWS journey by becoming an accredited AWS Government Competency Partner. Made Tech is now one of a handful of accredited partners in the UK specialising in the public sector. Here’s a closer look at how we got here, and how the accreditation will help us deliver increased value to the organisations we work with. 

Meeting the needs of the public sector 

Every day we work with brilliant public sector teams to help build modern services and accelerate digital deliveries. In time, we’ve increased our investments and focus on using AWS technology to help our clients. Securing the AWS Government Competency means we’re recognised as an AWS partner that can deliver projects at pace and scale, as well as provide increased assurance we’re following industry best practice.

This is very special for us. We wanted AWS to see us as a partner that can take difficult projects on board, and deliver them in the most appropriate way. We also wanted to show to public sector teams that we understand how they expect us to perform, and that we can help them deliver the best possible outcomes for their users. 

Reflecting, filling the gaps and shifting our mindset 

One part of the competency requirements is to show that we have the right tools, processes, culture and mindset to deliver our services to the public sector. We got a deeper insight into AWS best practice, so we can give public sector teams the best experience. 

During the audit process we were scrutinised at a level that gives us the confidence that the work we put in is fit for purpose. It was important for us to recognise the investments needed to make sure documentation and processes were at the level needed. 

Getting the right level of detail was challenging. It wasn’t a blocker, but a step change in our mindset on the importance of having detailed processes in place. These will help us continue to improve the way we deliver cloud services as we’ll have set standards and practices in place that we know work, and which we can continuously improve on. 

Taking learnings, and continuing to grow

We want to make sure we’re influencing future thinking around how the teams we partner with use cloud technology. We’re looking for new competencies to help us continue to grow, be it at an industry level, like healthcare, or through a technical lens like transforming legacy technology – which continues to be a massive focus for us. Our AWS partnerships also help us show what we can do for and in the wider world. 

Bringing the best of our teams together

I feel immensely proud of the Made Tech team and our approach on this journey. It’s a learning experience we’ve gone through together. There wasn’t much waste in the process. This competency brings the best of Made Tech and AWS to public sector organisations, so we can work better together.  

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