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With an Academy role at Made Tech, you'll build the foundation for an outstanding career in software development.

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Applications for Winter-Spring 2019 have now closed, you can now apply for Summer-Autumn 2019.

Being a software engineer at Made Tech is a great opportunity to surround yourself with people who care about the software they develop. Our 12 week Academy program gives you the skills you need to join one of our project delivery teams.

Who is it for?

It's likely you will have already developed a love for programming, and you'll be convinced that a career in software development is where you want to go.

You may have taught yourself to code, been on a course or two, or have a degree in Computer Science. You can stitch some code together, but probably have no commercial experience.

What is it?

Your first 12 weeks is all about learning. Lead by one of our full-time engineers, you'll be sharpening your programming skills and learning all about shipping high quality code in a commercial environment.

The program involves:

  • Learning: a combination of tutorials, solo exercises, pair programming exercises, and group programming exercises to brush up on modern software skills from agile practices to writing automated tests.
  • Project Delivery: working as a team to deliver a large project. You'll go through the entire lifecycle: from capturing requirements, working with stakeholders, showcasing your work, and regularly shipping it!
  • Live Project: being seconded on to live project teams for 4 weeks to experience life in front of real customers

What happens after 12 weeks?

Once you've completed your 12 week Academy program, you'll join a project team on a live customer delivery. However, this is far from where the learning finishes. Everyone in the team is heavily involved in ongoing learning, including:

  • Made Learning Afternoon: every Friday afternoon we down tools on our customer projects and focus on improving our core skills
  • Pair Programming: all of our teams practice pair programming. You'll be spending a chunk of your regular working day hands-on coding with other software engineers
  • Retrospectives: all teams run retrospectives every couple of weeks to look at what went well and where improvements could be made. We also run a company wide retrospective every other Friday
  • Growth Program: you'll have a meeting with a Director every 2 - 4 weeks to evaluate your individual growth goals and objectives enabling you to progress your career as fast as you choose
  • Conferences and Meetups: the team are encouraged to attend conferences and meetups
  • Discretionary Spend: everyone on the team has their own company card, with discretionary spend on books, conference tickets etc.

What sort of work will I be doing?

You'll be working on engagements with a variety of customers, on assignments typically between 3 and 9 months in duration. You might spend a couple of days a week on-site with customers.

You'll be solving hard software problems. You'll be delivering large, business critical software platforms, and implementing change programs that improve the delivery of software in our customer organisations.

Some examples of our recent engagements include: delivering the global e-commerce platform for a multinational company, launching a new online platform and modernising delivery practices for an NGO, and implementing a series of lightweight business process management tools for a global retailer.

How much will I be paid?

Academy positions are paid at £25,000 +bonus for the first year. Your salary will be reviewed annually with the ability for healthy increases based on your progression.

How to I apply?

  1. The first step is to apply for the program.
  2. Next up we'll invite you to a short (i.e. 10 or 15 minute) phone conversation where we can talk to you a little more about the company and the Academy program. We'll also explain a short programming exercise that we'll ask you to complete in your own time.
  3. For applicants who pass the programming exercise, we'll invite you to visit our offices for one of our Academy Open days. You'll get the opportunity to see how we work, participate in some group exercises, and complete a face-to-face interview

If you're successful, we'll ask you to join us on our Academy program!


We do our best to treat our team well. Here are a few of the perks you can expect at Made Tech:

Travel loan and cycle to work
We make your commute as affordable as possible by offering a travel loan for your season ticket or by helping you buy a bike.
Untracked Holiday
We encourage you to take off as much time as you need during the year so you’re always fresh and focused on doing great work.
Team Lunches
We get together every Friday and have a team lunch somewhere around the office in Bankside.
Brand new Macbook Pro
We will provide you a new laptop ready for your new start.
Employee assistance programme
Free finance and legal advice, along with over-the-phone counselling.

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Our Summer-Autumn 2019 program is open for applications. The closing date for roles starting in Summer 2019 is 29th March 2019

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