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Legacy Transformation

Prioritising your application transformation

After you have mapped your application ecosystem as best as you can, you should begin work on prioritising which applications to modernise first.

Mapping your organisation and applications in legacy transformation

Mapping your organisation and applications is crucial because it enables you to decide which application to prioritise and which transformation strategy to adopt.

Legacy transformation is a team sport

Legacy transformation is a team sport because it’s hard, expensive and can take a long time, so you need to have everyone ready to push in the same direction from the start.

How financing affects legacy application transformation

Cost is one of the most important drivers of legacy transformation and is usually the catalyst for a much wider discussion about how to finance such projects.

Which factors drive legacy transformation in public sector organisations?

The risks of neglecting legacy transformation include everything from reputational damage to loss of life. However, trying to predict exactly what will happen to a particular public sector organisation if it ignores these risks is extremely difficult.

The pitfalls of neglecting legacy application transformation

Legacy technology is a huge threat to the public sector. While this won’t be the first time you’ve read this, it remains relevant because not enough action is being taken to prevent disaster.