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Got a tricky data question you’re struggling to find the answer to? Tune in as Chasey and other speakers from our data webinar series answer questions to your top data questions.

How great is the hidden potential of your data? 

We know the public sector collects and stores a substantial amount of data, but there are recurrent challenges to optimise its value, that vary from technical issues to privacy concerns.

Join our Principal Data Engineer Chasey Davies-Wrigley as she shares why finding opportunities in your organisation’s data is more than just an exercise in data maturity assessments. Chasey will help you to look at where you are now, including how to find your data value, all the way to where you could be, with tips on how to get there. 

There’s a lot of public-sector knowledge about data locked away inside different organisations. And much like data itself, we want to open it up. 

This webinar is part of The Pipeline, a collection of talks by our data community breaking down data concepts, exploring data challenges and sharing the lessons we’ve learned from our years in the public sector.


Wednesday, 20 September 2023


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Chasey Davies-Wrigley

Principal Data Engineer at Made Tech

Chasey Davies-Wrigley is a technology leader with a highly technical background, including an MSc in Computer Science and over 20 years industry experience. At Made Tech, Chasey is focused on empowering the public sector to deliver and continuously improve digital services that are user-centric, data-driven and free from legacy technology.

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