‘What’s the weather like?’ How users and AI can help improve predictions

Date and time

Wednesday, 5 June 2024

09:00 am - 05:00 pm BST


Westminster, London

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How does a world-leading weather service adapt to process hundreds of thousands of user feedback submissions?

The Met Office and Made Tech come together to share their journey from forms and spreadsheets to a fully automated machine learning enhanced data processing pipeline! In this talk you’ll hear all about:

  • this project and the challenges we came across
  • harnessing language models to analyse user perceptions of the weather
  • the changes we made and the value it’s brought to the team and their users


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James Poulten

Lead Data Scientist at Made Tech

James Poulten has a PhD in Experimental Quantum Matter Physics and has spent 4 years consulting public sector organisations. Currently a Lead Data Scientist at Made Tech, James has worked with a range of big-name public sector organisations including the likes of Border Force, the Cabinet Office and Number 10 Data Science. He's also lent his expertise to the Department for Levelling up, Housing and Community, Skills for Care and the Met Office.

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