Our never ending tech and career growth paths: how much is enough?

About this event

Join us for a talk by our Lead Software Engineer Tess Barnes and a fun evening with some networking – all while grabbing some dinner!

Talk description

I’ve learned over the last few years: there is no end to the tech journey and no pauses along the way, unless we decide them. There are some important decisions around this, individual to each of us, and to what we are taking on but still some common themes.

Through the medium of docker we will:

  • explore how to survey the problem landscape
  • where to start
  • when we should measure value
  • how big a leap to take
  • (and most importantly) when to stop

Even if you don’t know how to read a docker file, I intend that all the principles we discuss will be transferable to your own challenges on your learning and improvement efforts, no matter where you are in your technical growth or career path.


Thursday, 23 May 2024


Tess Barnes

Lead Software Engineer

Tess Barnes is a technical stakeholder, coach and lead engineer on strategic and short term tactical projects. She works in and mentors co-located and remote teams and specialises in software and operational projects in the public sector.

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