Running a Blackathon: nurturing your tech career by celebrating diversity

About this event

Back in October 2023, a team of Made Tech employees organised a Blackathon to celebrate Black History Month. The idea was to celebrate Black progress by honouring the work of Black inventors, writers and activists that have made a significant impact on society. 

The event generated a lot of interesting coding ideas and four months later the team is ready to share some insights from the day:

  • Why are these activities important for careers in tech
  • How the event supported the Black community
  • The winning project: the technical skills used 
  • How can organisations provide benefits that support employees to create these initiatives
  • How to continue celebrating black progress and nurture Coding Black Females career development 

Register to join the conversation and share your feedback and ideas for our next Blackathon.


Wednesday, 28 February 2024


Folora Duang-Arop

Associate Senior Engineer

Folora is a self taught programmer who started from zero coding knowledge to landing her first software engineering role via the Made Tech Academy. As a career changing mum she taught herself the fundamentals of computer programming via free online resources. Before transitioning into software engineering Folora worked as a government digital strategy and policy professional advising organisations on how to harness digital transformation to solve real world problems. Folora is a firm believer that “you cannot be what you cannot see” and is an advocate for attracting talent from traditionally underrepresented communities into technology.

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