Q&A session with our data experts

About this event

We know from our work with the public sector that a lot of teams have many questions around data, including how to use it and share it safely.  

We’re bringing some of our data experts together in this online event to share their thoughts on some of our most asked data-related questions, from synthetic data, to data culture and data sharing and profiling. 

We’ll be covering:

  • What is the main reason why a lot of public sector data remains unutilised? Skills? Tools? Ways of working? 
  • If you have a lot of different data sets and want to gain insight from them, what approach would you recommend?
  • Is working with synthetic data exclusive to data scientists or are there opportunities for other data professionals to gain these skills?

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Thursday, 29 February 2024


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Chasey Davies-Wrigley

Principal Data Engineer at Made Tech

Chasey Davies-Wrigley is a technology leader with a highly technical background, including an MSc in Computer Science and over 20 years industry experience. At Made Tech, Chasey is focused on empowering the public sector to deliver and continuously improve digital services that are user-centric, data-driven and free from legacy technology.

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James Poulten

Lead Data Scientist at Made Tech

James Poulten has a PhD in Experimental Quantum Matter Physics and has spent 4 years consulting public sector organisations. Currently a Lead Data Scientist at Made Tech, James has worked with a range of big-name public sector organisations including the likes of Border Force, the Cabinet Office and Number 10 Data Science. He's also lent his expertise to the Department for Levelling up, Housing and Community, Skills for Care and the Met Office.

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Catherine Quilley

Senior Data Engineer at Made Tech

Catherine is a Senior Data Engineer with project experience that spans Finance as well as the Public Sector. Arriving at Engineering via Business Analysis she is keen to make use of her experience as a builder, analyser and user of data systems. She is motivated by educating, upskilling and creating solutions that empower users, giving them control and visibility over their data.

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