How to build a digital service focused on housing needs

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Local authorities spend around £30 million answering housing repair calls every year. Around half of calls are follow-ups, either to chase up an appointment or re-report a problem that wasn’t fixed. 

In this workshop, UCD Principal Annie Heath and Client Partner Fraser Trickett will go through how Made Tech helped build an online service to help tenants accurately report repair needs. Everyone will have a chance to share their experiences and challenges, and be able to discuss ideas for making things better for everybody.

Key points:

  • How to build a service around user needs
  • How to design and build to reuse and adapt
  • Upgrades and integrations
  • blockers / issues with building a service around user needs and how to resolve them

Important information:

  • Hosted via Zoom meetings
  • Free to attend! 

This event will be the first of a series of workshops focused on local government.


Monday, 5 September 2022


A headshot of Annie with short brown hair.

Annie Heath

UCD Principal at Made Tech

Annie is passionate about improving services through effective use of customer insight, business process improvement and digital delivery with experience in local government and design management.

Photo showing Fraser

Fraser Trickett

Client Partner at Made Tech

Fraser has 20 years experience in local government. He has worked across numerous services throughout his career, including all aspects of housing, ranging from homelessness, voids, tenancy sign up and management, and repairs.

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