5 common data problems in the public sector

And how to tackle them

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Centralised analytics can’t scale

A mesh-enabling data platform will help your teams upskill in new ways of working as they generate insights. Our cross-functional experts can help your teams by ensuring the right tools are in place for data product creation rather than dashboards or reports. This is supported by a governance platform for better access, discovery and accountability.

You need help boosting your tech and skills

Our data transformation team can help build a change in the data culture within your organisation. This could be an opportunities assessment or even a data strategy creation – we’ll provide a roadmap and our data engineers will work with your technical staff to up-skill or cross-skill existing expertise.

You don’t know the quality of your data. Actually… you don’t know what data you have.

Collecting data about your data is crucial for understanding what you have and when you should use it. A governance platform will present that metadata, identifying the location, condition of your data, and areas for quality improvement.

Share your data with confidence

Data should be user-focused. This often needs a cultural shift to help data creators feel a sense of ownership. We can help build a data strategy for this transformation, backed by technology enabling secure data sharing.

Been told to use AI but not sure how… or if you should?

Want to create end-to-end machine learning based applications from automating data extraction, testing, training and deployment? That’s the dream. But first, start with steps 1-4. Find out where you are and what you need, so you’re ready for step 5. Our cross-functional teams can wrangle and explore your data, model the machine learning, automate the training and implement the front-end system to host it – all backed by research driven by your user needs.

Data services

Unlock the potential of your data to build smarter, faster services, achieve better outcomes for your users, and enable truly predictive government.

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