How local governments can harness the power of their data

Glen Ocskó, Head of Local Government at Made Tech, explores how councils need to unleash the power of their data to realise the potential it has to revolutionise the way our towns and cities are run.

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Overcoming the fear of local government digital transformation

Glen Ocsko, Head of Local Government at Made Tech, discusses why local council departments do not need to live in constant fear of technological innovation.

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Tackling public sector legacy technology through accelerated discovery

One of the top priorities for the public sector in recent times has become digital transformation, as public bodies seek to improve services and generate a greater return on investment through technology.

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The NHS needs to act if it is to unlock AI’s potential

The digital evolution of the NHS is progressing at an increasing rate. New solutions are being implemented to replace outdated legacy systems as well as provide new treatments and support for staff and patients.

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