Request Documents for Financial Assessments

Request and review financial statements from residents applying for adult social care

How Evidence can help

  • Request documents with one-click
    Request all the documents and evidence you need for the financial assessment stage – with no extra paperwork
  • Decrease response times
    Users can submit their online, anytime – giving them the flexibility to update their info when it’s available, without the need to wait for an appointment.
  • Process cases quicker
    Digital requests and uploads are sent instantly, meaning you’ll be able to process documents and respond to cases quicker cutting wait times for access to your support.
  • Send automated reminders
    Service users will automatically be prompted to send you missing documents and alert you once received, so you don’t have to chase.
  • Safe and secure
    Our system securely handles and stores all uploaded documents – reducing the likelihood of data breaches and mishandling paperwork when compared to the manual processing of hand copies.
  • Improve accessibility
    Digital systems are easier and quicker for everyone. Helping you to support those who are challenged by access to in-person meetings and postal services.
Screenshots of the Evidence SaaS product in a mobile device and tablet. The mobile shows the Complete your checks page. The tablet shows the Request details page.
Thumnail for Evidence Playground demo video

Watch a demo

See how easy it is to request and verify documentation and other evidence for the financial assessment stage.

Watch the video now

Try out the Evidence demo today to see how easy it is to request and review evidence for local gov services

Why choose a SaaS product?

  • No technology stress
    We provide free comprehensive technical support from roll-out and beyond.
  • Understand costs at a glance
    There are no complicated budgets or fee schedules. Plan your rollouts with simple, transparent costs.
  • Get improvements for free
    Don’t worry about costly upgrades and improvements – you’ll get every update on day 1, at no extra cost.
  • Save time and money
    SaaS products are the perfect choice for organisations facing increasing demands and falling budgets.

Book a demo

During our call, we will

  • showcase a demo of the product in action
  • talk you through all the features that can align with your processes
  • explore the ways it connects to your pre-existing tools
  • share upfront and subscription costs

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