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Refactoring, with Emily Bache

What is refactoring, why is it important and how can you get really good at it? Clare Sudbery talks to Emily Bache about enhancing the skills and culture of your teams, to make your code easier to understand and cheaper to modify.

Emily Bache is a Technical Agile Coach who supports developers and aspiring technical coaches with effective methods for teaching and learning practices like Test-Driven Development and Refactoring. Emily has authored several books and training courses, most recently Technical Agile Coaching with the Samman method.

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Episode links: Kent Beck, Jez Humble, Dave Farley, Martin Fowler, Geepaw Hill, Llewellyn Falco, Martin Fowler’s book, Technical Agile Coaching with the Samman method, by Emily Bache, The Mikado Method, Emily’s GitHub, Clare’s refactoring article.

  • Emily Bache