Rory MacDonald


Powerhouse Perspective: Rory MacDonald

In the latest instalment of Insider’s Q&A series on the Northern Powerhouse, Rory MacDonald, Chief Executive at Made Tech, outlines what the initiative means to him, the need to boost digital skills, and what can be done to encourage investment.

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Made Tech Chief Executive outlines plans for the North East

Public sector technology specialist Made Tech has outlined plans to open a regional base in the North East.

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Made Tech opens new Swansea office

Made Tech, a provider of digital data and technology services to the UK public sector, is opening a new office in Swansea as part of its regional growth strategy.

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How to upskill your technical teams effectively

In a perfect world, technical teams would have all the skills and knowledge they need to embark on any new project. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. 

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Accelerating NHS digital transformation during the pandemic


TechMarketView spoke to Glenys Lawson, Digital Matron at LNWH, about the role technology has played in helping the Trust respond to the COVID crisis.

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