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Spree & Solidus E-commerce

Whether you're looking to create a unique e-commerce platform tailored to your organisation's needs, or you just want to start selling to your customers as quickly as possible, we can provide the solution that's right for you.

Spree Commerce is an established, open source e-commerce platform, trusted by online retailers to process thousands of transactions per hour. Solidus is an evolution of the Spree project that has taken the platform in a more modern direction, allowing for greater extensibility, easier upgrades and higher quality code.

We run both Spree and Solidus stores, created bespoke for each of our clients, which turn over in excess of £10M online sales per annum. We also offer a turnkey, Software as a Service solution to give you fast access to a feature-rich e-commerce platform, bundled with full 24/7 support services.

Who is this product for?

This product is ideally suited if you’re facing one of the following challenges:

  • You would like to sell products or services online.
  • You have an existing e-commerce platform, but it's proven to be difficult to customise and expand upon.
  • You have an existing e-commerce platform that is costly to run, or even just to make changes to.

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