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Evolving a Retail Monolith to Microservices at Surfdome

A case study on the evolution of a legacy monolith to a microservice architecture

Online retailer Surfdome had been running for 10 years with a technology platform that was beginning to show its age.

Without taking positive steps towards evolving its technical landscape to something more reliable, maintainable, and faster to innovate on, it was clear that it would struggle to keep pace with a fast moving marketplace.

Download our case study now and learn what we did to:

  1. Replace large parts of a legacy platform without disruption to Business as Usual
  2. Evolve to a modern software architecture that enables faster, more reliable change
  3. Reduce the cost and time of change by over 50%
“We took an incremental approach to changing the architecture. No big bang launches here, just a whole load of small steps that add up to a big change”
Richard Foster — Principal at Made Tech

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