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Moving The Keyholding Company to the Cloud

A case study on the migration of The Keyholding Company's web applications from on-premise servers to Amazon Web Services

The Keyholding Company had a number of legacy systems that no longer met their current business needs, and became largely incompatible with their expansion goals.

The Keyholding Company’s legacy systems were hosted on-premise, which presented challenges in opening application access to third party service providers, and added an in-house operations overhead to maintain.

Download our case study now and learn what we did to:

  1. Significantly reduce operational costs in managing and running their infrastructure.
  2. Provide redundancy in an accessible price range
  3. Migrate a production workload to the AWS cloud in under 10 days.
“In investigating Amazon Web Services, it became clear that their mature suite of services would capably meet the needs of the applications, while reducing operational overheads.”
Chris Blackburn — Director at Made Tech

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