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Building Deeper Customer Relationships with Data Warehousing at Finery

A case study on the data warehouse solution we implemented for Finery

Finery launched a challenger brand in to a crowded marketplace in 2014.

It was clear that using data to both build deep relationships with customers, and understand and react to customer behaviour in near real time would be a big advantage that went some way to levelling the playing field against the more established brands in the industry.

Download our case study now and learn what we did to:

  1. Build deep relationships with customers by understanding individual behaviour
  2. Provide realtime analytics to empower fast decision making
  3. Centralise Finery's business intelligence data in to a single source
“We’ve been able to achieve a significant amount of growth in a short space of time thanks to our effective use of data”
Andrew Shakespeare — Head of ECommerce at Finery

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