Digital & Technology Services for the Public Sector

We bring a team of digital delivery specialists into government departments, agencies and public bodies to deliver DiscoveryAlphaBeta & Live Services using a GDS Digital by Default Service standard.

We’re helping to digitally transform public services

Whether it’s the delivery of a digital service, a community run unconference, or a talk to a government department, we are working closely with the public sector to deliver digital and technology outcomes.

Let’s ship some digital services together

We would love to work with you to deliver world class digital services. Take a look at our service offering below and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Discovery in a Box

Our Discovery in a Box service is for public sector organisations looking to launch a new digital service. We bring our team of digital specialists into your office(s) for four weeks and work with you to run a Discovery Phase which meets GDS Service Assessment criteria.

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Alpha, Beta or Live Service Delivery

This service is for UK Central Government Departments, Local Government Departments, Agencies or Public Bodies, looking to work with a modern supplier to deliver an Alpha, Beta or Live Service that complies with the GDS service delivery standards.

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Made Tech’s commitment to partnering with and strengthening their clients is exactly what many organisations need.

James Stewart, Deputy CTO, UK Central Government